Saturday, 1 June 2013

Glorious Promises

Thank you for visiting the Glorious Films blog. Here we'll be blogging regularly about our first film, The Promise: Birth of the Messiah, which will be released in October 2013 just in time for the Christmas season. The Promise is a beautifully crafted 3D animated musical of the birth narrative of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of Luke. It has been faithfully adapted from the Biblical text in both story and song. From the busy streets of Jerusalem, to the awe-inspiring Herod's temple to the quietness of the fields outside of Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus is celebrated unlike any other in this unique production of animation and music.

The Promise animation style leverages new optical motion technology to blend traditional animation techniques with the performance talents of ballet dancers and dramatic stage actors. The result is a unique and worshipful story experience.

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